Our Approach

Our Story

SJPS has been in the Kansas City production scene for 30 years. Our passion for purposeful camera movement and its ability to add to a narrative began when Bill Gilbert gave Scott Jolley an introduction to a Tulip crane in 1990. Our love of camera movement continued to expand in an ever larger vocabulary enhanced by jib arms, steadicams, drones/UAV's, and stabilizers. The focus is always designing a shot to tell a better story.

You may be familiar with our full name, Scott Jolley Production Services, derived from a time when Scott was a one-man show. While SJPS began with Scott Jolley as an independent contractor, he understood that collaboration with talented partners is key. When we work together, we challenge and learn from each other. Training up and joining forces with others, SJPS now has a strong crew of experienced and talented videographers with a wide skill set in camera movement in the greater Midwest including Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska. We also have a network of Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Editors, Gaffers, etc. Our passion for film making runs deep. We don't work or consider what we do a job. We play, and we play hard.

Our gear includes DJI products including the Inspire 2 Pro with Zenmuse X5S camera, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Pro, Jimmy Jib Triangle Jib Arms with reach up to 30 feet, Steadicam Clipper with Steadicam G-50 arm, Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro camera package, Panasonic GH5 camera package, a variety of gimbals and vehicle mounts and much more. If we don't have it, we can tell you who does.

Bonus, SJPS is proudly WBE (Women's Business Enterprise) and WOSB (Women-Owned Small Business) Certified. We support diversity in the work place, strive to be intentionally inclusive, and are working toward changing the industry demographic.

Our Story

Meet the Owners


Amanda Jolley

Chief of all things behind the scenes

Majority owner Amanda Jolley is the behind the scenes mechanic that makes sure all the cogs are turning. As an accountant, Amanda naturally took on the role of business and operations manager. When she's not in the office, she's painting in her art studio.


Scott Jolley

Founder and Storyteller

Scott is the hands-on creative of SJPS. He's the one that can make all those video contraptions move. He loves to share his craft as much as he loves to tell a story. He's also the author of India According to Scott published in 2017.