A big part of what we do is setting up and tearing down, kinda like carnies…

This is not to far from the reality…

Load and unload, build and tear down, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day to get the shots we want. The jib travels in a handy trailer and is partially built to save time and effort. The last step of loading the trailer is what we

Slaves are forced to push the giant wheel around and around. It has no actual purpose that I am aware of. It was just the scene where Conan becomes strong.

Our version is the weight cart. It holds around 500 pounds and has gone through many adaptions. The point of it is to avoid carrying around a bunch of 50 pound weights. It’s better to roll 500 pounds, right?

Anyway, there is an art to rolling the wheel of pain onto the trailer… in this post, Dan will provide the example…

Dan digs in, ready for the big push. Remember this is approximately 10 times his body weight.

Dan hits the ramp will the force of 1000 mighty warrior rabbits, momentum is key at this point.

At the very last moment, you pivot the cart expertly into position. In this example, Dan has missed the pivot, and the real pain begins.


Proper support from the rest of the crew is optional, usually we just laugh and taunt.

And the final result, a well packed jib arm trailer, ready for the next setup.


And here is Dan after the mighty feat. Make that 10,000 mighty warrior rabbits.


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