It all started several years back. We wanted to just take a nice Christmas photo of our family and use it as a Christmas card. 2 hours and about 1000 photos later we gave up. It was hopeless.  There was a groove in the hardwood floor in between the camera and our posing position from me running back and forth. Finally, I gave up and said “to heck with it”, or something to that effect and we got this…

Lame, but at least we where done.

It was like a veil being drawn, our Christmas card did not have to be perfect, in fact the less perfect it was the more it was just like us! Now without further delay,  is the Jolley Family Christmas Card Memory Showcase! Put on your favorite seasonal music and enjoy this walk down memory lane.

Photoshop is discovered, and hilarity ensues…

Building on my massive photoshop skills, the holiday gem was my gift to the earth.

By now, I realized we could not go back to regular cards, we had created a tradition. The balance would be to have fun and not to offend to badly…

So much for not offending, here we paint the picture of slaughtering a Christmas Icon for our dining pleasure.

This could be a real show, we all skate real good.

Probably our most heartwarming card, heartwarming if you consider stealing from Norman Rockwell heartwarming…

Certainly a crowd pleaser, that is my actual hair grown out for the photo, and Max’s natural chest hair, God bless chicken nuggets.

Which leads us to this year, Merry Christmas to all. Hopefully there will be snow next year for the Family Fun Snowball fight and we will not have to use rocks.



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