Munday, Texas, small but mighty.

The spring season finds us on the road once again. Our adventures have taken us south to Munday Texas, a small ag community of about 1,500. When we began preproduction for this trip we thought we might have to stay an hour and a half away in Wichita Falls. With our long days, that was a depressing outlook. It turns out we found a nice little mom and pop motel. By nice, I mean it is in Munday and is fairly clean.


The Corner Inn, a classic mom and pop.

It rained this morning so we had a short day. After a nice nap we decided for a walking tour of the town. It is easy to walk from edge to edge in 20 minutes. Here is a photo essay of small town Texas life.


Big cars still rules here, along with big trucks.


This store specializes in “Defensive Driving Tapes.”


The people here are great. This guy spent his life as a banker but now spends retirement as a junk dealer. He prefers this job. When he was a banker he said he had to worry about a bunch of people, now he just worries about himself.


I controlled myself and bought nothing. It was hard.


We wandered through an abandoned house. This doll told us stories of better times.

tv Munday

I bet many an episode of Hee Haw were viewed on this tv.


Mother and son. His dad told us stories for hours. He was a fantastic storyteller.


I could not hold a candle to his storytelling expertise.


Main street. It gets rolled up at 5pm.

The food here is great but you need to eat early. Tomorrow we go back to work with 40 mph winds and then climb back into the truck for our next location.



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