I saw a funny t-shirt on a DJI user group. It had the answers to all the questions you get when you fly. It was pretty spot on.

Drone Operators questions.

Pretty much the exact order. Click the photo to order.


The only thing I have a problem with is, only a few of my rigs are quadcopters. Because I have a bunch of different heli’s, quadcopter doesn’t quite fit. Drone sounds sinister and deadly, UAV, or Unmanned arial Vehicle is confusing because in my a head a vehicle is manned. I know it is not necessarily true, it’s just how I think. Helicopter is misleading, it refers to a full size human carrying machine and multi-rotor is just meh. I struggle with a proper finding the right term that will roll of the lips and satisfy my desire for a correct definition.

Maybe a better name is compact aerial camera platform. Yes, that is perfect. I just made it up and I can just say cacp. After sitting for a full minute trying to think of a better acronym, I give up.

I am open to ideas.


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