Carter my Nephew is interested in film and video production. On previous visits he has worked with the steadicam, jib, Ronin and some of the older DJI Phantom UAV’s. On Carter’s last visit, I sent him home with the original Phantom 1 to practice with. It was the same one I had learned on. I figured he was going to enjoy how far technology had come.

I just got the Inspire a few weeks ago and am still learning all the tricks but so far I am in love with this little craft. In fact, after the second flight I sold my “heavy lifter” for parts. It was like selling the first car that you really loved, if that car was also prone to fits of violence.

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Carter demonstrates how to use the DJI Inspire 1 as a handheld stabilizer.  My biggest caution was that I would accidentally start the props and cut his head off. Good thing I got more nephews.

Back to Carter. Since getting into gimbals and UAV’s, I have always wanted to incorporate some sort of shot that up till this point was impossible for me with the existing tools. With Carter here, it seemed like the perfect time to make up a move.
So without further exposition, here is Carter’s first move using the Inspire gimbal has his motion rig.

The move is a little rough and we need to work out the hand to air transmission but overall, for a little practice move, I am a little more than thrilled.


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