Travel Adventure!

So on our quick drive to North Carolina for a job, we drove by a nice lake and decided to take a swim. We found a little access road and stumbled upon a redneck party campsite. We swam and then had to figure out how to get the truck and trailer turned around and back up this pretty rough road. It was no big deal and the truck pulled like a mule.

Back on I-40, I was cruising along and we crested a hill and traffic was stopped. We went into full emergency braking and waited for the truck behind me to slam into us. Everyone stopped just in time. We sat still for about 20 minutes when I noticed a little turn off on the shoulder about three cars ahead. Google presented it as a little access road that would whisk us ahead so off we went.

The entrance to hell….

It started as a fine little dirt mountain road. As we progressed it got smaller and rougher. At the midway point it was barely a Jeep road. It become less and less of a trail and it was impossible to back up or turn around. Ravines of 300 feet creeped by. Branches scratched at us as if the trail could not swallow us it would strangle us. Pools of water were the next challenge, the deepest about 2 feet deep. To the left the mountain, the right another 200 foot drop. I quietly cursed google. Then we hit a tee and just like that the road became a little better. A little further we saw a road sign. I was never so happy to see pavement. Btw, my Ford F-150 is one bad ass truck.

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