A part of me loves to travel, which is good, because a big part of what I do is traveling.

Bug Storm, turning on the wipers just made it a whole lot worse.

Last year, I racked up over 30,000 miles on the truck, mostly pulling the jib arm trailer behind it.

What I do not care for though, is hotel rooms. Brown, beige whatever hotel rooms. I got nothing against a Holiday Inn express or the like, it is just that I like a little variety.

A lot of times  our location is a rural location and the closest “modern” hotel could be an hour and half drive.

Setting up in corn stubble. Corn stubble is a product of the devil, it will twist even the stoutest ankle.



To remedy this, when I have the option, I try and find unique or mom & pop style hotels from the 60’s. This approach is like a blind date. I do as much research as I can to find the coolest place to stay, and usually I am very happy with the results. I think the appeal is that a lot of these places take me back in time.  Here are some of the best results…

A gem we found in the Black Hills while driving from Idaho to Iowa.

It was early June, a great time to be in the Black Hills.

This particular mom & pop had a three bedroom apartment, with a kitchen and a living room. Each night we would transfer footage and watch the local news, which was hilarious. Note the deer wallpaper, shag carpet & z-brick.

“The Fitzgerald, Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Great little town that was just a few miles from our location. The main street was full of little restaurants and pool halls, where the red beer flowed like water. Red beer is a cheap beer with tomato juice mixed in. Don’t knock it till you have tried it.

The Fitzgerald

Mainstreet USA, Floyd the barber is just off camera. This is looking out the window of “Mom’s diner”. The music that was on was identical to the music that was on when my grandpa took me to a similar diner 40 years ago. I always got the open faced beef sandwich with gravy.


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