Once upon a time, there was a tiny little camera. All the other cameras would laugh at and taunt the tiny little camera. They would say things like “oohhh, you are so tiny, you could never please a woman” and other such harsh insults. This did not deter Tiny at all. For Tiny knew that given the chance, he could do great things.

Tiny found a home at Scott Jolley Production Services. Scott Jolley was a cruel taskmaster who would put Tiny in horrible situations. It was as if Scott wanted to kill Tiny. Many times Tiny almost was crushed or ground to death, other times Tiny would be dipped into horrible liquids, like a manure pond or Diet Pepsi. Over time, Scott became more and more confident in the abuse Tiny could withstand…

The Tiny Little camera, in a somewhat safe environment.

It was a cold January morning, Tiny was greeted with something new and sinister… a giant demolition crane.

And today’s assignment is…the crane of death.

Tiny was bravely strapped on the arm and dove into battle, and then suddenly just disappeared, gone in a mountain of debris. The crew wanted to crawl through the wreckage and find Tiny. Scott scolded them harshly and called them fools. “It is impossible! Tiny is gone, gone forever.” No one noticed the single tear that fell down his cheek as he spoke.

The pile of rubble that buried the Tiny Little Camera. Notice that even though I told them not to, the crew began to search for Tiny.

With out warning the crane operator shouted, over here, I need help! The crew ran to his aid and they began to dig. At that very moment the sun broke through the clouds and Tiny was pulled from the wreckage! We shouted in joy, and immediately pulled the card to see how the footage had come out.

Tiny emerges from the grave.

Something had gone wrong, so back went Tiny, back to the spot of death, but this time Sean did not screw up and secured Tiny with care. And we tore down another house. And we downloaded the footage, and our eyes became big, and how the people did rejoice and sing praises to the tiny little camera.

A place you do not want to be during operation.

Tiny goes back for attempt number 2, this time properly secured, because of Scott’s direct supervision.




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