A large part of our work is chasing things. We chase them with little and not so little helicopters (or drones, hexacopters) jib arms, steadicams mounted on Gators, and a variety of other camera mounts. A recent shoot had us chasing the new John Deere Corn Seeder which is ground breaking in many ways. Sorry for the pun. Our goal was to show the speed at which this monster moves, 10 mph.
That may not seem like much, but until last year, the top speed was 5mph. Imagine next year the speed limit going to 140mph on the hiway and you get an idea of what they are attempting.


One of our chase rigs. the planter cruises along at 10mph and we taunt it.


Steadicam mounted on a Gator chase vehicle. to me, it feels like the movie “Hatari”,


yes, this is exactly what it feels like.



One shot we needed was to see the seed coming out of the planter. This is the rig we built to get the camera where we wanted it. I am contemplating my lack of engineering skills.

Our planter camera mount.

Our planter camera mount, it worked beautifully, like the monkey net in Hatari.

Steve our still photographer getting a close up of dirt, I guess.

Steve our still photographer getting a close up of dirt, I guess. Still guys are weird.


Yep, more dirt close ups, that’s what we needed. Video guys are weird.


Our goal was to show the speed and accuracy of this new product. Here is one of the finished pieces.

Exact Emerge 30


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