Our company has changed over the course of my 30+ years in the business. Scott Jolley Production Services started as a little freelance shop with one guy. I quickly found I loved showing friends who were interested how to do my job. From this, community grew and our focus expanded to building relationships. 

Scott Jolley Production Services is no longer about me. The old logo featured a silhouette of me in a steadicam. It had kind of an old school military look which I like, but we wanted the new one to reflect the attitude of our group.

After several design rejections, I glanced up on my office wall and there our new logo was, artwork from Parisian illustrist, Sarah Teulet. Upon new reflection, I realized the art embodied everything we want to be. We contacted Sarah and she gladly sold us the image for our logo.

We are SJPS. We live for the adventure of discovery, to learn new stories and to retell those stories. We strive to create a place that approaches each project with wonder and excitement. We are SJPS, a modern flying circus. 

-Scott Jolley, Founder

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